Star Trek 3 Paperback – 1972 by James Blish  (Author)

Star Trek 3 Paperback – 1972 by James Blish (Author)

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Includes novelizations of episodes: The Trouble with Tribbles, Spectre Of The Gun (The Last Gunfight), The Doomsday Machine, Assignment: Earth, Mirror Mirror, Friday's Child, Amok Time.

(From the back of the book)

An extraordinary journey into the supernatural! Seven chilling stories into the bizarre and unexpected with the crew of the starship Enterprise. Travel to the unknown regions of outer space, to worlds where unearthly powers can control human beings and where unspeakable horror becomes normal. Unimaginable new galaxies of strange beings, bizarre customs, unknown dangers and awesome excitement. A world threatened by tribbles, small and furry with no eyes or faces – only a mouth. A killer planet where time and place change by telepathy. A monster robot that smashes planets and digests them. An alien being who comes to Earth to start World War III. A galactic ticket to infinite adventure.