Who is Richard D Ramsey

Richard D Ramsey is father, grandfather, husband and all around weirdo. He lives in Deep East Texas with his wife Cheryl and his son, Chase who's presently enrolled in film school. He has two daughters, Caitlyn and Destiny who are young women starting families of their own. He's an Emergency Room RN by trade and a writer/actor/musician in his spare time. Richard D Ramsey got into the world of writing winning contests and being published by Tyler Rose City Comic Con. From there he found a traditional publisher with J Ellington Ashton Press. Through the genres of horror, fantasy and sci-fi he has over 10 works in print and is currently working on more.  He writes about his true-life experiences for the TV show "Untold Stories of the ER" and has starred in two episodes showing on TLC and Discovery Fit and Health. You've also seen him on "Scandal Made me Famous" and in the horror short " The Sheppard."  Richard D Ramsey is a classically trained musician who plays and sings classic rock, blues and country in music venues all over Texas. He has opened up for such acts as Tracy Bird and Sherwin Linton. He is available for speaking engagements, comic cons, writers workshops, coffee shop style shows and general tomfoolery. Just go to the "contact us" section and let us know!