Have something to sell?

 Here's what we buy: Books, comics, sports memorabilia (baseballs cards, ect.), stamps, coins, collectible and antique toys and action figures, DVDs, video games, consoles, antiques, original artwork, Pacific rim economies, pet dragons and day old cheese.

All offers are based on current market price. Market price is what you will see for an item in similar condition on Amazon or eBay. We offer in store credit for trade ins at 50% of market price. You can use that credit for up to 50% of a purchase on anything in the store. Credit can be rolled over to other store visits but not transferred to another person. For cash, our usual offer is 25% of market price. 

 For online offers we check the resell price against Amazon or eBay and our usual offer is 25% payable through paypal. You pay S&H. If this is something you're interested in you can send an email to FirewalkerBooks@gmail.com with the word "resell" in the header. We'll get back to you with an offer as soon as we can!