Poetry by Tamra Crow


To be alone
Is to have friends
That are never there
And your day ends.
To be alone
Is to walk home
And the only thing
To look forward to
Is music with which 
You sing.
To be alone
Is to go to sleep
At night
To have dreams
Of being alone
And wake in fright
To realize
That you are seeing
Your life
As it is
When you are
All alone
A single human being
To be alone.



It All Takes Time

Life’s not fair
It’s all gone wrong
You turn up the radio
And you hear the tune
Of an upsetting song
You drop your things
You stop and think
Don’t do what your mind wants
It’s only gone blank.
Don’t listen to a word I say
You know not too far away.....death awaits 
First comes first.
You pull out the liquor and light the bong
You’re feeling good, finally, nothing’s gone wrong
Then it hits, the depression, you go in when it all comes down
Once again, you’re feeling uptight
You’re too gone to know
You’re not doing what’s right
You look over to see what’s first in sight
You glance inside and what do you see?
Is a hand gun. Then you think, look at the sight of me
You hold the gun, it’s in your hand
You’ve got one second to live. ‘Til you
Figure, this is not right
Was your life this bad?
To end it now?
That was your loss, if it wasn’t, because now you’re gone
I walk home
And hear the tune
Of an upsetting song.....


Love Tag

You pulled my heart out of my chest
And ate it while I bled to death
You played mind games
And killed my emotions 
While I tried to make you love me
With love spells and potions.
You hit me and cut me and tear me apart
While I love you and stand there, holding my heart
Your hatred and rage boil over the edge
And push me off the emotional ledge.
I shout and scream and start to cry
And all the while, you wish I would die.
I’ve given up, I can’t take any more
Putting up with you has become a chore
My eyes are blank, my heart is cold
All this pain has gotten old
I give up. My patience is gone.
I’m gonna go and get it on.
I’ve decided not to play love tag
You’ll have to find a new punching bag.
When you’ve read this, and cooled off
You’ll realize I’ve said, “Fuck off.”



Oh, So Full of Hate

Innocent boys in tainted ghettoes
Reaping sorrow with every day
They throw their signs, and dance their dance
And pull guns like toys for play
They live life, oh, so full of hate.
Born in blind terror and raised in fear
Each day is a separate battle 
Each hour seems a year
Each life is based on a color
That borders untethered realms 
Their lives are littered with corpses
Flesh long gone to rot, souls long gone to hell
Their brothers drop like flies
Suicide tempted by hate
Only rage revealed in their eyes
Deaths that be granted by fate
Little boys with eyes so empty
Their faces etched with lines
That are, oh, so full of hate.
Our ears are filled with tortured screams
As this roller coaster comes to its end
Innocent boys with shattered dreams
Fall, screaming, into an abyss
That is, oh, so full of hate.
Drowning in their sorrows
Engulfed in their own fears
A thousand of our oceans
Can’t compare to their unshed tears 
A brother pulls a gun - pat! pat!
But no one fights better 
Than a cornered rat
That’s, oh, so full of hate.
The battles go on forever
The slaughter will never end
One can only hope
That it’s just another trend,
In our material world,
That is, oh, so full of hate.




Tamra is an independant editor living in Central Texas with her three children. You can inquire about her professional editing services at tcrowedits@yahoo.com.


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