Christmas is Magic

   Yes, Christmas is magic, but why? This time of the year that makes people nostalgic for home and family. That special season that calls to children of all ages and fills their hearts with wonderous visions of sugar plums (I don't think I really know what a sugar plum is, but it's what people talk about this time of year) and other delights. Yes, Christmas is a magical time, let me tell you why.

   Before we get started, let's get something out of the way first. Christmas is magical, but it's also special. It's special because of what some people refer to as "the true meaning of Christmas." That being that it's the time of year where we chose to celebrate the birth of Christ. The Bible tells us that baby Jesus was born to a virgin mother in a manger. What a wonderous occasion that defies words. The Bible also hints that it happened in the spring, not in the winter as we celebrate it now. Yes, Christmas is special for that reason, but that's another article entirely. Today, I want to tell you why Christmas is magic.

   When I was a boy, I was lucky enough to come from a middle class home where my brother and I recieved lots of presents. They seemed to apear under the tree all throughout the month of December until that fabulous day when they could be opened! Day after day we would study them and size them up, trying our best to guess what might be inside. I vividly remember lining them up in my living room in order of size and hurridly putting them back before my mother got home from work. 

   They lived, nestled under a tree adorned with lights of green, red, organge (I think it was supposed to be yellow, but it always came acroess as orange) and blue. They flashed at random, casting Christmas shadows on the wall. The ornaments were the same year after year, but that was part of the magic. The balls that reminded us of the year we were born or the trinkets we made every season in school. They didn't fare well with time, but that didn't matter; they were magical. After putting the tree up, we would turn out all the lights in the house and just watch it flash in all its holiday majesty. A scratchy old record would play a choir  or the mid twentieth century telling us to have ourselves a merry little Christmas or Bing Crosby asking us if we heard what he heard. 

   The big day would finaly come and we buried ourselves in a wonderland of presents! Our parents didn't fight, they smiled. There was no snow in southeast Texas, but our fancies were tickled with wintertime thoughts. Our families came together and we ate the most fabulous of foods on paper plates. Of course, we had to sit at the kids table, but we didn't mind. We all sat around and talked about what we had gotten from the big man that morning. 

   Why did we do this year after year? Honestly, I really don't know. We don't need to do all of this to celebrate the birth of Jesus. But, we do it year after year and we absolutely love it. Its because Christmas is magic. Why is it magic? Because we make it that way.

   I can buy gifts for my wife and my children any time of the year and just give ot to them. In fact, I often do. But the magic of Christmas is not about the gift, but waiting for the gift. It's not about the meal or even the family gathering, its the waiting for it. We plan and prepare and place our loved ones on a pedastal very few of them deserve because we want so desperatly to hold on to that magic. Why do we put presents under the tree? We could just give our kids these presents the minute we buy them. No, the magic is from the wait, the anticipation. Its a game and a tradition that goes back thousands and thousands of years. Waiting for the day, the payoff, the magic. Too often today I see more and more people foregoing the traditions that we hold dear. They cave to their kids' demands and let them open presents days and even weeks before Christmas day. 

   Your holiday is yours and yours alone to celebrate as you see fit. If your family tradition is to put stockings on your head and chop up candy canes with hatchets, do that. Do what you've always done, just don't forget where the magic of Christmas comes from. It comes from being patient until the time comes for that special day. After all, good things, such as magic, always comes to those who wait.


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