Cartoons for Thought by Jeff "Cryptohulk" Stewart

Food for thought

The entire loss of direction and respect of children today can be traced back to Saturday mornings and weekday afternoons

Saturday mornings used to mean waking up early to watch cartoons. Cartoons with established morality and honor. Good guys were always good and stood for right. Bad guys were always bad and stood for wrong.

We were taught patriotism by G.I.Joe and not to be fooled by whats on the outside by Scooby Doo. The good guys fought for the poor and weak and there was always a morality lesson thrown in.

After cartoons came Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom in which Marlon Perkins took us around the globe on adventures with everything from Rhinos to Polar bears. Next you ate lunch and went outside to ride your bike or play with friends..

Week day afternoons found the 3 o'clock cartoon hour or the afterschool special where you got a good dose of right and wrong wrapped in a fun program aimed at kids.

Now on Saturday mornings you get news and political blather or reruns of television series who have honestly zero redeemable value to teach any honor, honesty or even basic right and wrong.

Today there is no clear line on what is right or wrong, truth or lie. Kids are taught there are varying degrees of right or wrong and there are such things as "your truth" or "my truth". There are no good vs evil any longer because those who stood for good and honor are now called toxic and bullies. Boys can not be shown how to be a gentleman nor girls to be a lady. 
All because someone decided it was offensive to allow boys to be men and girls to be women.

Boys are now told they are part of a "rape culture" if they act like boys and girls are discouraged from acting like girls and encouraged to take on the role of angry victimized feminists who hate everything but the most outlandish ridiculous nonsensical idea of gender roles.

The strongest women I have ever known or seen were mothers and wives who struggled to gain educations and were smart , strong, infividuals while still being a lady.
Being a lady does not mean you have to be a pushover or weak. Being a strong woman does not mean you need to take every chance to belittle or verbally castrate every man you meet. In the same token being a gentleman has disappeared and it is disgusting. Men should always hold doors open for ladies and pull their chairs out. You stand until the lady is seated and stand when seated and a lady arrives at the table. You say yes ma'am and no ma'am no matter who the lady is you speak to..

I think we would have far less violence and social drama if we made our kids watch 4 or 5 hours of late 70s early 80s cartoons and weekend programs every Saturday.

Jeff "Cryptohulk" Stewart is Texas' favorite Cryptozoology researcher and is known the world over as a famed bigfoot investigator. You've seen him on "Finding Bigfoot" and "Survivorman." As an outdoorsman, he writes for Texas Fish and Game ( He's also a horror author. He was even told once by the man Stephen King himself "this is the most disgusting thing I've ever read." If you can gross out the king of horror I think it's time for a new king! anyway, you can check out Jeff and pick up some of his merch here:

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